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Spotify: The next major record label(23-03-2017)

Spotify’s current business model doesn’t work. It never has and never will. Regardless of scale or domination of the streaming market Spotify will not reach sustainable profitability using its current businesss model for a number...

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“Estrons are taking none of my shit”(17-02-2017)

Estrons are taking none of my shit. “It’s kind of a non-question” lead singer Tali says when I approach the subject of the refugee crisis, “it’s just fucked, isn’t it?” 

When I ask her what makes...

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Flying Vinyl Beer!!!(15-02-2017)

Following the announcement of our Flying Vinyl Festival II line-up we’re happy to announce that our friend’s at Sambrook’s Brewery in South London are going to be making us an own-label Flying Vinyl beer and stocking it along...

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The Bay Rays' Embittered Youth(06-02-2017)

Sitting on the grimy back-steps of Camden’s Dingwalls venue, three-piece indie-punk outfit The Bay Rays dissect the all-consuming social destruction of social media ahead of their support slot with fellow Flying Vinyl alumni Hidden Charms.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time for a massive announcement. A few months ago we were chatting with legendary record label Transgressive about Flying Vinyl and began discussing a collaboration of sorts with them.

So, for the month of...

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“If you ask me if I’m in a girl band, I don’t think that’s even a question”(06-10-2016)

Yassassin, named after the legendary Bowie song, leapt onto our radar when we crammed into the tiny basement venue under The Waiting Room in Tottenham a few months back. The newly-formed five-piece sit somewhere between Violent Femmes and Sonic...

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Apocalypse Now? Brexit, Glasto & Protest(27-06-2016)

It was a strange sort of Glastonbury this year. All the usual smiles and energy seemed to be cursed with a lingering sense of doom. That whilst everyone was dancing in the mud the wider world was collapsing in on itself with reports of some...

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Our riot In Hackney(16-04-2016)

Late last year we set ourselves the monumental task of holding a one-day festival in London that showcased ten incredible bands.

We wanted to do something that felt radically different to most gigs, something that was raw, aggressive and gritty,...

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Vinyl: The supermarket effect(16-04-2016)

The news that Sainsbury’s is about to join Tesco in selling vinyl in-store for the first time since the 80’s has not been met with a great deal of enthusiasm. Having made the announcement a few weeks back a long line of critics have...

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Spotify sponsoring festivals is like McDonald’s sponsoring The Olympics(11-03-2016)

With festival season upon us, a line of corporate bodies are once again queuing up to place big sponsorship deals onto stages this summer and streaming platforms such as Spotify have been getting in on the action hosting stages at events such as...

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Why we’re losing poor kids in music(07-03-2016)

At this year’s Brit Awards Foals’ frontman Yannis Philipakis said of the state of music “I feel like there’s a lot of dressing up in parents clothes and acting out relatively pastiche tropes that have happened...

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The Brits lacked more than ethnic diversity(26-02-2016)

In recent years The Brit Awards have become a shambolic, overly tame, misrepresentation of British music. Remember when Jarvis Cocker moon’d Michael Jackson, or Oasis discussed ‘class A’s’ rather too loudly, and when...

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iTunes must die.(24-02-2016)

We currently sit atop the debris of post 90’s web 2.0 ideologies. The Internet, we were told, would lead to the democratisation of everything, filtering more money from the top of our economy to the bottom with more retailers and a fairer...

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Old white men still control the airwaves(22-02-2016)

Whilst having a ‘few’ drinks after The Vryll Society / Blossoms show over the weekend, we somehow snowballed onto the subject of the treatment of women in the music business.

This week’s publication of the Billboard Power 100...

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