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The Orielles: “The vast majority of the UK don’t like being fucked by a government they didn’t vote for”

- Jess Atkinson

Just four days after the sickening terror attack of the Manchester Arena I sit with Flying Vinyl alumni The Orielles in a dingy back-room of The Finsbury in London. 

“They want to divide us and keep us separate,” 17 year-old Damon-Albarn lookalike Henry (guitar) tells me about the perpetrators , “but you just can’t let it happen.” Sidonie, drummer and sister to bassist/vocalist Esme, concurs. “Music’s about love and sticking together, and the best thing to do in times like this is fight.”

Sid, 21, Esme ,18 and Henry, 17, have gone a long way since joining the Flying Vinyl family in 2016 and playing Flying Vinyl Festival 1. They recently announced that they were signing to Heavenly Recordings. As with the majority of young musical talents the band are staunch Corbyn supporters. 

“He’s an amazing guy” Henry says, “I went to see him in Hebden when he did his manifesto speech and the town hall got too full, so he went up to a balcony and did a second speech from there.” 

“I went to the local supermarket and all of the newspapers had headlines like ‘Theresa May is for the Working Man.’ The manifesto had been leaked and already Theresa May had used the press to take Labour’s strong points as her own. The fact that she’s not debating infuriates me. When I saw Corbyn do his speech, I just thought to myself, if people actually listened to what his manifesto’s about, there’d be no way you’d vote Conservative. 

“That’s why she’s not debating: she realises that Labour and their manifesto is actually something to be reckoned with, and that the majority of the UK don’t like being fucked by a government that they didn’t vote for.” This is a young band with some fight. 

Their set weaves fire with funk. And dream pop. And rock ‘n’ roll. Their repertoire finishes with a re-worked version of Flying Vinyl-released Sugar Tastes Like Salt: an eight-minute blinder that makes a patchwork of material written by the trio over their three years together.

As you might imagine of a band influenced by Sonic Youth, Stereolab and Television vinyl is close to their heart. 

“Vinyl should be considered a full piece of art; start to finish on both sides.” Sid said, “on tour, wherever we go, we just buy records. It’s like getting a tattoo; it reminds you of the town you got it in, how the gig was, what beer was on the rider.” When it comes to wax, The Orielles love new releases as much as the next Flying Vinyl grad. Sidonie’s top-tip? Shrinking Minds, the Scouse outfit we put out in August ’16.

Their new single Only Bought it for the Bottle, which they say is “about narcissism”, is out now and as we finish up our chat Henry adds that if Corbyn doesn’t win the upcoming election “We’re going to do either three things: we’re either going to start a punk band, move to Canada… or move to Glasgow and wait for the Scots to become independent.”

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