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Our Girl’s Agnostic Song-Writing Gems

- Jess Atkinson

Euphoric, ethereal and pulsating, the sound of Our Girl oscillates through Stoke Newington’s Waiting Room. Washing over the crowd comes Soph Nathan’s raw purr and irresistible riffs with the ebb and flow of Josh Tyler (bass) and Lauren Wilson’s (drums) rhythm section. 

It’s evident even at soundcheck that Our Girl are onto something special. 

So enamoured are we with the soaring studies on personal relationships that, in a first for us at Flying Vinyl, we’re putting out not two, but three of their seductive tunes on one transparent orange-cast miniature EP. 

Being Around, No Big Deal and new Ty Segall cover Hot Fuzz (a treat that the trio recorded exclusively for us) formed part of Flying Vinyl’s April edition and made obvious waves when the boxes landed.

Lead-singer Soph has already been involved with FV as part of The Big Moon; it’s hard to believe that one person can be at the helm of two incredible music projects that are both seeing a substantial level of success. 

And yet she manages them both in a seemingly effortless balancing act: Our Girl are a tight-knit unit. They joke that they’re all ‘Hufflepuffs’, for Lauren because ‘we’re nice and we like animals’. 

Indeed, when a pug-chihuahua-cross wanders into The Three Crowns, everyone melts. 

As the evening progresses we get onto the subject of ‘God’. 

“I feel spiritual but I don’t believe in God” says Lauren. Instead, she believes “in people and the connections between people…the power is with us.” 

This energy of relationships is a gossamer thread, glistening at the heart of Our Girl’s tunes. It continues in brand new, addictively melodic Ty Segall cover Sad Fuzz, which Soph “couldn’t get out of [her] head for weeks.” 

What with its rise and fall reminiscent of water, it’s an inspired choice for a first cover; an ideal companion to their similarly liquid original tunes. 

Not for no reason does the Normally EP feature friend Mina submerged in the bath, or the video for No Big Deal see Soph, Lauren and Josh floating, thrashing and tumbling in an outdoor swimming pool in North London. 

Water seems the ideal phenomenon to parallel these tunes, both Lauren and Soph coming to the idea of “having a view of the sky through water” independently of one another. And, as Josh insists: “swimming in clothes is very freeing.”

So there we have it: a trio of agnostic water babies with a knack for songwriting.

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